The Bi-Polar Express

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Natasha Simon

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The Authors

Natasha Simon

I was born and raised in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, Australia. The city life made me more mad than my Bipolar and Anxiety did, so I moved to Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains for some peace and sanity.

One health issue after another gave me a chance to finish my second book “Panic Stations along The Bi-Polar Express” a continuing journey following my first book “The Bi-Polar Express”.

I love movies, cooking, painting and swimming.

I live with my best friends: parents, my dog and 4 cats.

In 2018 I finished my Diploma of Counselling.

Held a Charity Art Exhibition with semicolons on 30 of my paintings. Where the semicolon signifies “My Story Isn’t Over“. As an author uses a semicolon in a sentence where they could have ended it; but decided to keep going.

Started two local support groups: one with SAP (Suicide Awareness Project), the other with BiPolar Australia.

As well as an online support group on fb: @semicolonongoingsupport (SOS) where I help to raise awareness for mental health and suicide prevention.

I am awesome, I finally figured that one out.

My 3rd book “My Story Isn’t Over” is now available in paperback and ebook. So get your copy now from our Home page and please leave a great review on Amazon, Smashwords, Goodreads, etc.

I have now moved down to the beautiful south coast of NSW, where I can take my dog for a walk to the beach.

All the chapters for my next book have been written, so it’s only a matter of sorting them into some logical (?) sequence and then 27 passes at editing.

Heart Semicolon
Minature Semicolon
I want my Back back
Hues of Mania

Ela Simon

I was born in Krakow, Poland to Holocaust survivors. At the age of 3, my family moved to Israel. I wanted to be a journalist, but then, at the age of 14, my family moved again – this time to Australia. My minimal knowledge of English forced me to ‘do better’ in the sciences at school and university. I completed a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of NSW, majoring in Mathematics and Psychology.

I come from a creative family of authors, poets, musicians, photographers, film reviewers, producers, directors, animators and cinematographers.

I met my amazing partner, Peter, in the early days of my computer career. We have been together for over 40 years and initially worked for 25 years in the computer industry – designing and writing computer systems for various businesses. We later started a manufacturing business, using computer-controlled lasers to cut Australian animal shapes into wood to produce giftware such as coasters and tablemats. After that we started a business cooking and delivering European style hearty soups and meals. But I can no longer look at another onion.

Searching for the Bipolar diagnosis for our youngest daughter Natasha, led Natasha and myself to write our first book “The Bi-Polar Express” and our second book “Panic Stations along The Bi-Polar Express” continues her roller-coaster ride.

We lived in one of the beautiful sandy beach suburbs of Sydney, but we have since moved west to the misty Blue Mountains. I love my family, my dog and cats, cooking, history and world affairs. I am an animal activist. We have 2 daughters, 1 dog & various cats (and no longer any fish).

I have just released my 3rd book “It’s All Relatives” about 3 generations of my family across 3 continents, 3 different cultures and 3 different languages which provides some humour through very dark times and bonds our family together.

I have now moved back to Sydney, near the beach, to be closer to my friends and family.

Book Launch Photos

My Story Isn't Over

Blue Mountains mayor Mark Greenhill, Macquarie MP Susan Templeman, Belong Director of Communities Mick Barrett, MC Ela Simon and the author Natasha Simon.

The Bi-Polar Express

The authors, Ela Simon & Natasha Simon with Professor Ian Hickie, Executive Director, Brain & Mind Research Institute and Professor Gordon Parker, Executive Director, Black Dog Institute.